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About Savannah bug reports (was: Re: [Axiom-developer] Small TeX output

From: David MENTRE
Subject: About Savannah bug reports (was: Re: [Axiom-developer] Small TeX output patch)
Date: Tue, 14 Oct 2003 18:39:56 +0200
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Hello Dylan,

address@hidden (Dylan Thurston) writes:

> I didn't see how to do this.  But also, I would like to get
> notifications of new bugs (and maybe also CVS updates) myself; is this
> possible?

Yes. It is _possible_ (but not quickly done). We just need to create a
new mailing list (axiom-dev-announce for example), and subscribe to it
the BTS. For CVS updates, it is possible to install the CVSreport
program, available on Savannah. I already have done it for another
Savannah project. 

Should I do this for Axiom?

> I don't think I have the permissions to set the bug Severity, or I would
> have done so...

Oh yes. Maybe. I usually log onto savannah with project administrator
rights, so I might see some fields that other users don't. I have check:
I cannot make it available for non project member.

In other word, if you create a Savannah account and I add you as a
project member, you'll have access to those fields.

But otherwise, I set the severity when looking at bugs. You can also add
a comment in the bug report itself.

> I saw a place to put test code showing the problem, but no place for
> failing and expected output.  Where should I put that?  In the
> description of the bug itself?

Yes, in the "Original Submission:" part.

I would place the failing output into "Error message:" part.

All those rules are just guides and should be adapted to any specific

> Also, is it possible to submit bugs by e-mail, the way I can with
> Debian?

I don't think so. You should submit a bug report on the savannah project
on Savannah. ;)

David MENTRE <address@hidden> --

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