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Re: Wait, isn't rpath supposed to be set automagically?

From: Miles Bader
Subject: Re: Wait, isn't rpath supposed to be set automagically?
Date: Mon, 27 Feb 2012 09:19:27 +0900

2012年2月27日1:46 Peter Johansson <address@hidden>:
>> I think it's desirable that it "just work" wherever it gets installed,
>> and no matter who installs it (e.g. prefix=$HOME should work, and
>> shouldn't require setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH).
> In my case it did work with prefix=$HOME because in that case -rpath was
> set. Have you tried with ./configure --prefix=$HOME?

Hmm, I tried:  configure --prefix=/tmp/oinker

... and it worked then!

So why is /usr/local different?


How odd:

   $ cat /etc/
   include /etc/*.conf

   $ cat /etc/*.conf
   # libc default configuration

So it looks like /usr/local/lib is _supposed_ to be searched.

But ....
<grovel, grovel>

Ok, the real problem seems to be that the system maintains a static
cache of _library files_ (not directories) for to use, and
simply adding a library doesn't update this cache.

Just using the command:  sudo ldconfig
after installing my package makes everything work!


I'll refrain from commenting on the people who designed this, but
maybe a note in the automake manual saying "on linux systems, you may
have to run the ldconfig program to make the system aware of newly
installed dynamic libraries in system directories." would be a good

Thanks, and sorry for the noise!


Cat is power.  Cat is peace.

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