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Re: Wait, isn't rpath supposed to be set automagically?

From: Miles Bader
Subject: Re: Wait, isn't rpath supposed to be set automagically?
Date: Mon, 27 Feb 2012 01:31:14 +0900

2012年2月27日0:58 Peter Johansson <address@hidden>:
> On which system do you experience this? I've seen this problem on
> Fedora and the problem was that the linker search path and the dynamic
> loader search path were different. IIUC libtool sets -rpath if a used library
> is outside linker path.

Debian sid

I'm not sure how libtool determines whether or not the libdir is
"outside" the linker path (as it obviously is, since execution
fails... :).  If it searches /etc/ld.conf, it might get confused
because here it just says "include /etc/ld.conf.d/*.conf" -- but if it
gets confused, I'd think it would default to assuming it was outside
the search path, not to assuming it was in the search path.

Of course it could be some debian patch that is causing the problem,
but it sounds like not.

[I've tried a little to examine libtool to see what it's doing, but
it's ... very ... hard to read.]

> The solution for me was to include '/usr/local/lib' in '/etc/' as
> suggested here

That's not generally a solution though, because it requires modifying /etc.

I think it's desirable that it "just work" wherever it gets installed,
and no matter who installs it (e.g. prefix=$HOME should work, and
shouldn't require setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH).


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