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Re: Using and detecting environment variables as flags

From: John Ling
Subject: Re: Using and detecting environment variables as flags
Date: Tue, 25 May 2004 15:48:44 -0700
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I think I've figured out the way to do it:

In my I put in a line like 'export CONFIGURE-TIME_LIBS=$(LIBS)'

Then in my Makefile.loader I put in my LIBS definition:



Bruce Korb wrote:

John Ling wrote:
Hello, I want to be able to read/check the value of an environment
variable in my  This would be a variable that I set as part
of the an [action-if-found] in the AC_SEARCH_LIBS method, that I set in

How do I reference such a variable?

In addition, depending on the value of this variable, I then want to
pass a signal from my to yet another Makefile which is
called from  This signal is to tell the second Makefile to
add an -lz in its LIBS definition.

How do I do this?  In what way can I send such a flag/signal?

What is the real problem you are trying to solve?  Normally, autoconf
results get stored into substitution strings that wind up as
Makefile macros and set appropriately in the derived Makefile.

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