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Re: Using and detecting environment variables as flags

From: John Ling
Subject: Re: Using and detecting environment variables as flags
Date: Tue, 25 May 2004 13:50:15 -0700
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Hi Bruce.

So I have the following in my

AC_SEARCH_LIBS([compress], [z], ,)

So if this Z library exists then I want the build process to include this library during linking. Otherwise I run into errors about not being able to find the 'compress' function in the Z library.

I have a that does some of the build process, but it also calls a Makefile.loader with a target that states 'make -f Makefile.loader', which is a Makefile that also must link with the Z library if it exists. I want to detect the availability of this Z library during configure time, and then pass this information all the way to Makefile.loader where I can decide whether I can add a '-lz' in my LIBS variable, in this Makefile.loader, in order for it to link to this Z library.

What is this substitution string in this case for the Z library and how can I use it?


Bruce Korb wrote:

What is the real problem you are trying to solve?  Normally, autoconf
results get stored into substitution strings that wind up as
Makefile macros and set appropriately in the derived Makefile.

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