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attempted patch to support Unified Parallel C

From: Jonathan Higa
Subject: attempted patch to support Unified Parallel C
Date: Tue, 4 Jul 2006 10:22:52 -0400

Description of patch attempt:

I'm trying to add support for Unified Parallel C.  Source files have
the suffix .upc.  Typical compilers are called upcc or upc.  A patch
file (automake-upc.patch) and a tarball containing a new M4 macro and
two test cases (automake-upc-new.tar.gz) are attached.

I haven't been able to test the patch yet because I get the following
error when I run './configure; make' using the CVS trunk:

address@hidden:Download/automake% make
cd . && perllibdir=/home/jon/Download/automake"/lib:./lib"
/home/jon/Download/automake/aclocal -I m4
/bin/sh: /home/jon/Download/automake/aclocal: No such file or directory

What do I need to do to create this 'aclocal' file properly?

ChangeLog entry as plaintext:

2006-07-04  Jonathan Higa <address@hidden>

       * ('name' => 'objc'): Fix typo in hash.
       * ('name' => 'upc'): Support Unified Parallel C.
       * (lang_upc_rewrite): Follow the C++ and OBJC convention
       for UPC objects.
       * doc/automake.texi: Attempt to document new UPC routines.
       * lib/Automake/ (%_ac_macro_for_var): Add entries for
       UPC and UPCFLAGS.
       * m4/depend.m4 (_AM_DEPENDENCIES): Add UPC.
       * m4/upc.m4: Define AM_PROG_UPC.
       * tests/ext.test: Check for .o objects from .upc source.
       * tests/upc.test: Verify definition of .upc suffix.
       * tests/upc2.test: Need error if .upc appears without AM_PROG_UPC.

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