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Re: attempted patch to support Unified Parallel C

From: Jonathan Higa
Subject: Re: attempted patch to support Unified Parallel C
Date: Wed, 5 Jul 2006 14:31:42 -0400

On 7/4/06, Jonathan Higa <address@hidden> wrote:
I'm trying to add support for Unified Parallel C.  Source files have
the suffix .upc.  Typical compilers are called upcc or upc.  A patch
file (automake-upc.patch) and a tarball containing a new M4 macro and
two test cases (automake-upc-new.tar.gz) are attached.

Correction to two mistakes:  Forgot to add a UPC entry to the texinfo
menu.  Needed +x mode on the scripts.

The patches are computed against the CVS trunk, but I've tested them
on the automake-1.9.6 release only.  They pass 'make check' now.

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