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Re: [Patch] c.m4 - Add Objective C as a language

From: Alexandre Duret-Lutz
Subject: Re: [Patch] c.m4 - Add Objective C as a language
Date: Sat, 18 Mar 2006 09:01:23 +0100
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>>> "RW" == Ralf Wildenhues <address@hidden> writes:

 RW> [ from autoconf and autoconf-patches ]
 RW> * Ralf Wildenhues wrote on Thu, Mar 16, 2006 at 10:19:18AM CET:
 >> This patch comes with a sibling patch to fix support for OBJC in
 >> Automake.

 RW> Here it is.  Since CVS Automake requires CVS Autoconf anyway, I guess
 RW> it's ok to rely on presence of AC_PROG_OBJC in the test?

Of course.  Thanks a lot for writing this patch, the doc was long overdue.

 RW> to `AC_PROG_OBJC' if provided, to fix Objective C depmode
 RW> handling.
 RW> * tests/ext.test: Adjusted.
 RW> * doc/automake.texi (Objective C Support): New node.
 RW> (Support for Other Languages): Adjusted.
 RW> * NEWS: Updated.


(Akim used to say "pretend you are talking to the patch" when he was around.)
 RW> Index: tests/ext.test
 RW> ===================================================================
 RW> RCS file: /cvs/automake/automake/tests/ext.test,v
 RW> retrieving revision 1.7
 RW> diff -u -r1.7 ext.test
 RW> --- tests/ext.test 14 May 2005 20:28:55 -0000      1.7
 RW> +++ tests/ext.test 15 Mar 2006 22:29:15 -0000
 RW> @@ -25,8 +25,7 @@
 RW> cat >> << 'END'

If you want to be more complete, you could add a line for OBJC in 

  lib/Automake/ (%_ac_macro_for_var)

and even check what happens without AC_PROG_OBJC (cxx2.test does
such a simple test for CXX).

But feel free to commit the patch even without that bonus, it
looks fine.


 RW> Index: NEWS
 RW> ===================================================================
 RW> RCS file: /cvs/automake/automake/NEWS,v
 RW> retrieving revision 1.302
 RW> diff -u -r1.302 NEWS
 RW> --- NEWS   10 Mar 2006 10:52:00 -0000      1.302
 RW> +++ NEWS   15 Mar 2006 22:28:33 -0000
 RW> @@ -97,6 +97,8 @@
 RW> `gnits' strictness.  This means automake will complain about %-rules
 RW> or $(GNU Make functions) unless you switch to `foreign' strictness or
 RW> use `-Wno-portability'.
 RW> +
 RW> +  - Improved support for Objective C.

Let's be verbose!  ObjC users surely want to know how it improved :)
I'm thinking of something like

  - Improved support for Objective C:
    - Autoconf's new AC_PROG_OBJC will enable automatic dependency tracking
    - A new section of the manual documents the support.

Alexandre Duret-Lutz

Shared books are happy books.

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