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[Automake-commit] [SCM] GNU Automake annotated tag, v1.10b, created. v1.

From: Ralf Wildenhues
Subject: [Automake-commit] [SCM] GNU Automake annotated tag, v1.10b, created. v1.10b
Date: Tue, 31 Mar 2009 18:53:36 +0000

This is an automated email from the git hooks/post-receive script. It was
generated because a ref change was pushed to the repository containing
the project "GNU Automake".;a=commitdiff;h=265e5274b05d47fab087f2dbf8200d371e1ff995

The annotated tag, v1.10b has been created
        at  265e5274b05d47fab087f2dbf8200d371e1ff995 (tag)
   tagging  dd363d928af3723f9817f578526b9120f2b74037 (commit)
  replaces  Release-1-10
 tagged by  Ralf Wildenhues
        on  Mon Mar 30 00:16:42 2009 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Release 1.10b
Version: GnuPG v1.4.9 (GNU/Linux)


Akim Demaille (8):
      Normalize white spaces
      Ternary operator in lib/am files.
      Skip comments and empty lines in dirlist in the tests.
      * bootstrap: Fix typos on redirections.
      Define and use register_action.
      Fix uses of am__strip_dir.
      Several *-local in a rule do not work.
      Parallel test execution: new option `parallel-tests'.

Alexandre Duret-Lutz (3):
      *, NEWS: Bump version to 1.10a.
      * lib/gnupload: Update to version 1.1 of directive file.
      * NEWS: Clarify that COPYING files are not updated.

Bob Proulx (1):
      Fix color test failure on dumb (and other) terminals.

Charles Wilson (1):
      Cleanup in case LT_OUTPUT is in use.

Chris Pickett (1):
      Clarify overriding of `*_DEPENDENCIES' in LIBOBJS node.

Colin Watson (1):
      * lib/am/ (ID): Fix typo in workaround for old awk.

Eric Blake (6):
      * doc/stamp-vti: Remove generated file from revision control.
      Fix color.test when using BSD grep.
      Make gnupload friendlier for VPATH usage.
      AC_AUTOCONF_VERSION can inadvertently expand to a macro name.
      Prefer a released version of autoconf.
      Use no-arg macros via AC_REQUIRE for consistency.

Jan Engelhardt (1):
      Implement `silent' build rules.

Jim Meyering (6):
      Add lzma compression support.
      Add a ChangeLog entry for the previous change.
      * lib/gnupload (GPG): Don't use an absolute path.
      Add xz compression support.
      Fix typo introduced by Committer in last patch.
      Fix a documentation typo.

Johan Dahlin (1):
      Support for Python 3.0, drop support for pre-2.0.

Karl Berry (4):
      Improve description of -local and -hook targets.
      * lib/gnupload: Provide also a simple example.
      New gnupload option --delete to remove archive files.
      * lib/gnupload: Add download URL to --help output.

Michael Ploujnikov (1):
      Various spelling and grammar fixes.

NightStrike (2):
      For PR automake/526:
      * doc/automake.texi (Dependency Tracking): Fix typo.

Paul Eggert (3):
      * lib/install-sh: Fix typo in previous patch for handling --.
      * lib/install-sh (initialize_posix_glob): New var.
      Fix typo in previous changelog entry.

Peter Breitenlohner (4):
      * (handle_man_pages): Reindent, for next patch.
      Implement the `notrans_' prefix for untransformed manpages.
      Extract correct man section from files in man_MANS.
      DISTFILES containing a directory and files in that directory.

Peter Rosin (2):
      Add depmode=msvcmsys for Microsoft Visual C++ on MSYS.
      * tests/compile2.test: Fix typo.

Rafael Espindola (1):
      * don't handle --enable-shared and --enable-static.

Ralf Wildenhues (263):
      * lib/am/ (pkglibexecdir): New variable.
      For PR automake/480.
      * lib/am/ (%SOURCEFLAG%): New substitution, goes
      * doc/automake.texi (Dist, Dependency Tracking Evolution):
      * doc/automake.texi (amhello Explained): autoconf creates
      * lib/gnupload: Add missing 'gnu' to example URL.
      * lib/gnupload: Revert last change.  Add pointer to upload
      * doc/ Use $(MAKE) $(AM_MAKEFLAGS) for building
      * doc/automake.texi: Fix typo.
      * tests/ (is_newest): Cope with multiple newer files.
      * doc/automake.texi (Subpackages): Fix ambiguous wording.
      * doc/automake.texi (Multiple Outputs): Fix the multiple outputs
      Regenerate with Autoconf 2.61.
      * TODO: Kill a couple of outdated items.
      * ChangeLog, TODO, tests/exdir3.test: Fix copyright notice.
      * tests/yacc6.test: Add the generated headers to `BUILT_SOURCES'
      * (scan_autoconf_config_files): Warn about leading
      * (handle_LIBOBJS_or_ALLOCA): Fix the error message.
      * lib/depcomp (aix): Rewrite depmode in the spirit of the tru64
      * m4/depout.m4 (_AM_OUTPUT_DEPENDENCY_COMMANDS): Again search
      * (handle_tests): Rewrite XFAIL_TESTS just like
      * lib/mdate-sh (ls_command): Use -n when available to avoid
      * doc/automake.texi (Python): Fix typo.
      * doc/automake.texi, lib/Automake/ Fix typos.
      * (write_aclocal): Warn about autoconf
      * lib/gnupload: Fix shell portability issues with for loops.
      Ignore stamp-vti and version.texi.
      * COPYING, lib/COPYING: Update to GPLv3.  All uses changed.
      * (version): Fix output to match GCS requirements.
      * doc/automake.texi: New Back-Cover Text.
      * doc/automake.texi: Remove Front-Cover and Back-Cover Texts,
      * lib/am/ (install-%DIR%LTLIBRARIES)
      * lib/am/ (%?REGEN-ACLOCAL-M4%): New target
      * tests/subst.test: Move the AC_SUBST into a macro definition.
      * doc/automake.texi (VPATH Builds): Fix wording.
      * Actually require version 2.60 in the test for
      * (handle_programs): Also clean .libs/_libs
      In ChangeLog files, use more-permissive notice rather than GPL,
      * doc/automake.texi (gettext): Fix link to gettext manual.
      * lib/, lib/config.guess, lib/config.sub,
      * tests/ (required): For gcj, check whether `gcj -v'
      * (TARGET_PATTERN): Allow leading digit.
      * Treat extension .sx also like preprocessed
      Fix ChangeLog entries
      .gitignore, doc/.gitignore, lib/Automake/.gitignore
      * Regenerate.
      Move to git as primary source repository.
      * doc/automake.texi (Program variables): Clarify that
      Accommodate for new macro AC_AUTOCONF_VERSION.
      Implement colorized test output.
      Fix default includes ordering to be `-I. -I$(srcdir) ...' again.
      Run each test in a process-private subdirectory.
      * (handle_tests): Remove debugging leftover.
      * (AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE): Require version 1.10a.
      Fix maintainer-check failure.
      Avoid spurious test failure with `make check TESTS=check5.test'.
      Fix signal handling in aclocal.
      * tests/output13.test: New test.
      * lib/am/ (ID, TAGS, CTAGS): Make awk scripts portable again.
      * lib/ylwrap: Cope with white space in `PROGRAM' and `pwd`.
      * (trace_used_macros): Quote input files.
      * (ACLOCAL, AUTOMAKE): Fix quoting for rebuilding
      * lib/am/ (uninstall-%DIR%LTLIBRARIES): Fix another instance
      Fix TAGS and GTAGS rules to cope with whitespace in `pwd`.
      Quote @abs_top_builddir@ and @address@hidden
      Quote file names in tests that can be absolute.
      Fix the distdir target to cope with spaces in absolute file names.
      * INSTALL, lib/INSTALL, lib/, lib/config.guess,
      Modify some tests for absolute trees containing whitespace.
      * tests/ Quote $srcdir, $PATH; skip libtool and gettext
      Reword the copyright notices to match what's suggested in GPLv3.
      * lib/Automake/ (open_quote): New function.
      Bump copyright years.
      Fix ccnoco.test for uncommon LDFLAGS settings.
      * lib/config.guess, lib/config.sub, lib/texinfo.tex: Sync from upstream.
      Stable `automake --add-missing --verbose' output.
      Fix acloca20.test for fast machines.
      Ensure world-executable tests in the distribution.
      * tests/output-order.test: New test, for the stable output fix.
      Clarify texinfo.tex and TEXINFO_TEX semantics.
      * m4/init.m4 (_AC_AM_CONFIG_HEADER_HOOK): Rewrite to be more
      * doc/automake.texi (amhello Explained): Fix odd sentence.
      Fix Heisenbug trying to unset a sometimes-not-set variable.
      Do not fail if `autoupdate' is not present.
      Fix permissions of config.sub
      * doc/automake.texi (DESTDIR, Built sources example): Fix wording.
      Fix `fetch' target to match current upstream locations.
      * lib/, lib/config.guess, lib/config.sub, lib/symlink-tree: 
Sync from upstream.
      * tests/tar.test: Skip if no appropriate tar was found.
      Prefer generated manpages over distributed ones.
      * tests/lisp3.test: Fix typo.
      Split libtool part off of nobase.test.
      New test nobase-python.test.
      * tests/nobase.test: Extend test to generated files.
      Split instsh2.test, so that only the new part requires non-root.
      * tests/subst3.test: New test.
      * tests/man3.test: Avoid `make VAR=value'.
      * doc/.gitignore: Ignore files generated by `make ps pdf html'.
      PR automake/498
      Fix XFAIL_TESTS matching for NetBSD ksh.
      Skip instsh3.test if `touch -t' does not work.
      Drop usage of obsolete macros AC_EXEEXT and AC_OBJEXT.
      Add support for newer Fortran extensions '.[fF]0[38]'.
      Require unreleased Autoconf for fixed AC_PROG_INSTALL.
      Exploit `install' with multiple files at once for some file types.
      New function xsystem_hint, for autoreconf.
      Pull config.guess and config.sub from upstream git repo now.
      Sync auxiliary files from upstream.
      Fix nits in the manual.
      * lib/texinfo.tex: Sync from upstream.
      Introduce @ovar from Autoconf.
      Implement conditional AC_CONFIG_FILES: AM_COND_IF.
      Fix grammar error in manual.
      Fix ambivalent wording introduced with last patch.
      git metadata update.
      For AC_CONFIG_LINKS(X,X), do not clean X in a non-VPATH build.
      Fix conditional rules competing with config.status rules.
      New variable am__install_max.
      Fix ChangeLog entry.
      Introduce macro $(am__mv) to facilitate 'libtool --dry-run'.
      Fix maintainer-check failures.
      * tests/notrans.test: Use multiple man files of each type.
      Fix rebuilding of removed subdir/ files.
      * THANKS: Use Cyrillic name instead of ASCII transcription.
      Copyright year updates.
      Fix nobase-python.test for BSD make.
      For all possibly-relative subdirs, use $(am__cd).
      Avoid Heisenbug with verbose testing on HP-UX.
      Use `Exit' instead of `exit' in test suite.
      Fix multi-file installation for files in srcdir.
      Exit upon `install' failure, part one.
      Fail upon install or ranlib failure, part two.
      AIX ranlib dislikes spaces in the argument.
      Faster `make uninstall'; fast install for JAVA.
      Reliable multi-file install for man pages.
      Enhance cleaning of programs in libtool mode.
      Multi-file install for PROGRAMS.
      Fast install and uninstall for SCRIPTS.
      Faster install for libtool outputs.
      install: cope with non-injective $(transform).
      Man pages for automake and aclocal.
      Fix -rpath arguments for nobase_*_LTLIBRARIES.
      Do not reorder nobase ltlib installation.
      Install nobase_lib_LTLIBRARIES before bin_PROGRAMS.
      New doc section about command line length limits.
      Compactify program rules using ternary operators.
      Remove unneeded per-rule *INSTALL variables.
      Fix man page creation without installed files.
      * tests/aclibobj.test: Fix race condition.
      Fix some comment typos.
      Print captured output before failing.
      Work around AIX sh quoting issue in AC_PROG_CC_C_O.
      Improve test coverage of current TESTS semantics.
      Fix bootstrap to remove read-only directories right.
      Require texi2dvi in tests, makeinfo may not be enough.
      Nicer 'make dist' output.
      Diagnose unsupported uses of `backname' helper function.
      Fix comment typos.
      Fix DisjConditions module to be thread-safe for perl >= 5.7.2.
      Let stderr output end up on fd 2 in testsuite.
      Cleanup of per-input global variables in
      Drop unused variable.
      Fix 'config.status --file=... depfiles' with new Autoconf.
      No uniquifying for fatal, prog_error, and verbose messages.
      Minor file checking optimization: set_dir_cache_file.
      Parallel automake execution: AUTOMAKE_JOBS.
      Parallel automake: ordered output messages.
      Implement serialization for Locations.
      Parallel automake --add-missing: serialized file installs.
      * NEWS: Fix typo.
      Fix maintainer-check failure.
      Choose default source extension: AM_DEFAULT_SOURCE_EXT.
      New maintainer target release-stats.
      Fix regression introduced by AM_DEFAULT_SOURCE_EXT.
      New public macro AM_SUBST_NOTMAKE.
      Multiple 'make uninstall' should not fail even for TEXINFOS.
      Cope with absent Perl modules threads and Thread::Queue.
      Fix typos.
      Update to GFDL 1.3.
      Sync auxiliary files from upstream.
      Testsuite fixes for ksh.
      When installing COPYING, recommend adding the file to VCS.
      Let `missing' also work with versioned and prefixed programs.
      Cope with whitespace in $MISSING and $install_sh.
      Fix portability issues in distcleancheck_listfiles doc example.
      Fixup release rules.
      Fix some broken links, for PR automake/531.
      Release procedure: check for broken links.
      Fix nonportable sed script in 'missing'.
      Fix config.status depfiles failure.
      Do not use 'global' for makefile-wide settings.
      Revamp semantics for `missing help2man' and manpage distribution.
      Bump copyright years.
      Fix mmodely.test to work on Solaris 10.
      Cross-reference `Flag Variables Ordering' from `Program variables'.
      Ignore generated files below doc/amhello for git.
      Fix comment typo.
      Fix recursive html and install-* doc rules for BSD make.
      Fix `use constant' usage for MSYS Perl 5.6.0.
      Add ChangeLog for last commit
      Fix w32 path handling in the `compile' script.
      gnupload touchups.
      reformat gnupload script.
      * lib/depcomp: Various portability and quoting nits.
      * lib/gnupload: Change conffile name to `.gnuploadrc'.
      manual: Fix logic in AM_MAINTAINER_MODE description.
      Fix maintainer-check fallout.
      testsuite: SKIP compile tests if configure found no compiler.
      Solaris make testsuite fixes.
      Improve `make -n dist' and `make -n distcheck' for GNU make.
      Improve NetBSD 'make -n' output for many standard targets.
      New channel `portability-recursive'.
      Documentation and tests for the `silent' option.
      New automake command line option `--silent-rules'.
      Let -Wportability turn on/off the portability-recursive channel.
      Redo variable naming for `silent' machinery.
      Provide variables for silencing of user rules.
      Relax depcomp test for MSVC to not require minuso.
      Keep `--silent-rules' across triggered automake reruns.
      Drop extra line from compile rules when `silent' is not used.
      `silent' mode unconditionally overrides portability-recursive.
      Rename `silent' mode to `silent-rules' mode.
      Ignore warnings from autom4te about Libtool macros.
      parallel-tests: Ensure backward-compatible semantics.
      New tests for `parallel-tests'.
      Documentation for the parallel-tests driver.
      Overhaul of tests/README.
      parallel-tests: Fix summary output.
      Use append mode to capture parallel test output.
      Match XFAIL_TESTS correctly with Solaris make.
      Mark check-html and check-TESTS as recursive for BSD make.
      Fix parallel-tests with empty $(TESTS) for BSD make.
      Fix LAZY_TEST_SUITE handling and $(TEST_SUITE_LOG) recreation.
      * NEWS: Update.
      Merge branch 'je-silent' into next
      Merge branch 'ad-parallel-tests' into next
      Minor optimization in parallel-tests text box creation.
      Define AM_RECURSIVE_TARGETS, for gnulib's GNUmakefile.
      parallel-tests: also record logs of SKIPped tests.
      Use --tag=FC with libtool also for .f90 files.
      Ensure that empty directory variables work with empty content variables.
      Sane (un)install for empty directory variables.
      manual: minor cleanups.
      parallel-tests: per-extension test driver: <EXT>_LOG_COMPILER.
      check-html: Always create HTML output, note conversion failure.
      parallel-tests: warn about $(srcdir), $(top_srcdir) in TESTS.
      parallel-tests: do not mark check-TESTS as `.MAKE'.
      parallel-tests: redo lazy checking: recheck and RECHECK_LOGS.
      Sync auxiliary files from upstream.
      Fix latex warning in manual.
      Fix maintainer-check failure.
      Rewrite maintainer-check in separate tests, parallelizable.
      Merge branch 'master' into next
      parallel-tests: New target recheck-html.
      Merge branch 'ad-parallel-tests' into next
      Update AM_RECURSIVE_TARGETS for parallel-tests.
      Reorganize nodes in the manual.
      Minor NEWS update.
      Version 1.10b.

Reuben Thomas (3):
      Fix minor doc issues in node `CVS'.
      * doc/automake.texi (wildcards): Improve "Why doesn't Automake
      Fix grammaros.

Sergey Poznyakoff (1):
      Various gnupload improvements.

Stepan Kasal (2):
      * (handle_texinfo_helper, handle_lib_objects): Fix
      Fix typos.

Thien-Thi Nguyen (1):
      Small doc fix

William Pursell (9):
      Fix grammar w.r.t. plurals in test reports.
      * tests/ Fix comment typo.
      Fix typos and grammaros in the documentation.
      Quote APIVERSION in
      Fix more typos and grammaros in the manual.
      Fix tenses, plurals, swap words, cleanup in manual.
      Replace 'configure' with '@command{configure}' as appropriate.
      Simple typographical and grammar errors in automake.texi.
      Replace bare `automake' with address@hidden' or `Automake'.

Zoltan Rado (1):
      Fix a couple of typos in the manual.


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