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how to handle new subdirectories?

From: Steffen Dettmer
Subject: how to handle new subdirectories?
Date: Tue, 2 Mar 2010 16:25:50 +0100


how to handle new subdirectories?

1) new automake but no new autoconf directories:

For new subdirectories with new autoconf/automake
fails because seems not to be created automatically,
so we usually add in a call to a macro similar like

  dnl Trying to avoid that reconfigure fails because of the new
  dnl    directory - we simply call ./config.status.
  if ! test -e $Makefile ; then
    dnl ... specific stuff here ...
    autoreconf $srcdir || exit 9
    dnl New directories often have new source files, just in case,
    dnl   let's run the depfiles command
    ./config.status depfiles $Makefile || exit 9
    if test -e $Makefile ; then
      AC_MSG_NOTICE([   (looks good)])
      AC_MSG_WARN([Sorry, should not happen, but I could not create $Makefile])

How to do this better/correctly?

2) new autoconf directories:

The macro from above works for new subdirectories with but not for new files
(AC_CONFIG_SUBDIRS). I tried to write something similar for this
case, but had no idea how to do that.

We usually have a high level Makefile to iterate all build
directories (all the cross compiling configurations). This is
simple because for each cross compiling configuration configure
is called in a subdirectory build/<platform-string>, so we have
build/Makefile with

DIRS=$(shell cat .subdirs)

# required for 'make' without explicit target to work
        for dir in $(DIRS) ; do \
          make -C $$dir $@ || exit 5; \

        for dir in $(DIRS) ; do \
          make -C $$dir $@ || exit 5; \

via top level configure we can run autoreconf and later (auto-)make
invokes some ./config.status --recheck which gets --no-create
--no-recursion. By this, the newdirectory/configure
script isn't run for build/* and thus no
build/*/newdirectory/Makefile are created and make aborts (no
rule to make target).

I tried to run in build/*/ something like `./config.status
--recheck --recursion --create' doesn't work.

So the only way I found was to use some `topsrcdir/':

        @echo "In directory `pwd`:"
        ../../configure `cat .config-opts`

and then run `make -C build recheck-recursive' and `make -C build'.

This seems to work but has the disadvantage that all config.h
files of course are recreated and thus really everything is
recompiled completely.

Are there simple ways to improve this?



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