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Re: Check for m4

From: Eric Blake
Subject: Re: Check for m4
Date: Thu, 06 Dec 2007 19:11:57 -0700
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According to Kamaljit Singh on 12/6/2007 5:03 PM:
> I have a configure created on linux but run on solaris.
> The configure runs fine but if a Makefile is deemed out of
> date and is redone then auto4mte bails out claiming /usr/bin/m4
> needs to be version 1.4
> Ofcourse there is no /usr/bin/m4 on my system and /usr/local/bin/m4 is
> version 1.4. I can work around by setting M4=/usr/local/bin/m4 in my 
> environment.
> but is there a "better" way using some autoconf macros to get this done ?

When installing the upcoming autoconf 2.62, the configure-time search for
m4 has been improved to search your entire PATH and find the best
candidate, rather than the algorithm in 2.61 of finding only the first m4
and choking if it was insufficient.  But m4 1.4 is too old for autoconf
2.62 - you will need GNU m4 1.4.5 or later (the latest is 1.4.10).

Then there is the issue of whether you even need m4 on Solaris.  It should
be possible to run autoconf on your Linux box, then use the built files
without corrupting the timestamps when moving the package tarball to
Solaris, so that you do not need to run autom4te on Solaris.

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