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A newbie asks...

From: Robert Lowe
Subject: A newbie asks...
Date: Thu, 02 Dec 2004 17:31:15 -0600
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Sorry to interrupt your normally scheduled programming...

I've read most of the documentation or tutorials I could find, but I'm
afraid much of it went right past me.  Most of the tutorials seem to focus
on very straightforward examples, e.g. 'hello world' stuff.  I have a small
project, and I decided I should attempt to take the plunge into the world
of autoconf/automake.  I managed to create a useable, and a
few's in a couple of subdirectories, and the is
constructed.  Now comes the question of how to make this wonderful build system
help me do something beyond what I might have managed myself with simple 
My application uses:

1. POSIX threads
   Is this solved as easily as adding the acx_pthread macro in aclocal.m4, then
   calling it in and using the defined variables to properly set
   my foo_CFLAGS, foo_LIBS (or do I use LDADD?), etc., in my

2. A header file which seems to be in different places on some platforms
   (net/ethernet.h, sys/ethernet.h, and perhaps others).  What am I supposed to
   construct to define something that will help me include the correct header

Perhaps I just glossed over an obvious example, so if I did, just point me to 
correct location in the docs, and I'll attempt to take the next steps by myself.
Thanks for your patience!!!


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