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Re: A newbie asks...

From: Robert Lowe
Subject: Re: A newbie asks...
Date: Fri, 03 Dec 2004 09:24:06 -0600
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Guus Leeuw jr. wrote:

1. POSIX threads
   Is this solved as easily as adding the acx_pthread macro in
aclocal.m4, then
   calling it in and using the defined variables to properly
   my foo_CFLAGS, foo_LIBS (or do I use LDADD?), etc., in my

Yes it is ;)

Yes, I figured that out last evening, but I had to make one correction to
the acx_pthreads macro.  On Linux it never found the appropriate library
since it looked for libpthreads instead of libpthread.

2. A header file which seems to be in different places on some platforms
   (net/ethernet.h, sys/ethernet.h, and perhaps others).  What am I
supposed to
   construct to define something that will help me include the correct

AC_CHECK_HEADERS([some.h other.h])
Will generate #define HAVE_SOME_H and #define HAVE_OTHER_H if the headers
were found. Then in your code, you can do fancy stuff with the pre-processor
based on these #defines.
Also, there is quite a couple of predefined checks for special
headers/functions that you might to check out, e.g. AC_FUNC_SELECT_ARGTYPES

Perfect!  Thanks to both you and Stepan for your help!!!


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