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Re: Retrieving modules from CVS...

From: Tim Van Holder
Subject: Re: Retrieving modules from CVS...
Date: Tue, 27 Jan 2004 08:26:26 +0100

> CVS = cvs
> TCP:  TCP/
>       $(CVS) export -r $(TCP_RELEASE) TCP
> I use this in order to be able to make the project use
> the latest code from my CVS. From what I could tell
> from the AutoConf manual (and a quick search of the
> Mailing list archives) this may not be possible using
> AutoConf.  Is there a way that I can keep this
> functionality and still use AutoConf & AutoMake?

I think this can be handled by autoconf just fine.
You could determine $CVS and the CVSROOT using
AC_PATH_PROG and a --with-tcp-cvsroot option for
example, and hardcode $TCP_RELEASE.
Then you can use AC_CONFIG_COMMANDS to have
config.status (re)create the tcp sources from CVS.
Note that for a user, it would probably be easier if
you used 'cvs checkout' rather than an export (just set
up a user with read-only access), as that allows the use
of 'cvs update'.


echo Retrieving TCP sources from CVS...
$CVS -d "$TCP_CVSROOT" export -d 'Shared/TCP' -r "$TCP_CVS_TAG" TCP
], [

Of course, you could also do the CVS export at configure
time, but the above would allow for a 'refetch-tcp' rule in
Shared/Makefile, something like:

refetch-tcp: ../config.status
# Optionally remove existing sources
#       rm -rf TCP
        cd ..; ./config.status 'Shared/TCP'

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