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Re: Testsuite failures on UnixWare 7.1.1

From: Matt Schalit
Subject: Re: Testsuite failures on UnixWare 7.1.1
Date: Sat, 27 Jan 2001 02:18:17 -0800

Alexandre Oliva wrote:
> On Jan 26, 2001, Matt Schalit <address@hidden> wrote:
> > I'm concerned that the CVS version will have more bugs in it.
> > If it's not stable, then I thought it's not stable.
> Maybe using yesterday's candidate release, just taken out of the CVS
> tree, would make you feel better?  We'd rather hash out any bugs
> before the release :-) That's why I suggested you might want to try
> the CVS tree...
> --
> Alexandre Oliva

Ok here's what happened when I tried the cvs checkout autoconf
on Friday night:

  I moved my gcc to gcc.orig, so autoconf would compile with
  /usr/bin/cc.  (The reason is I'm having a problem where any
  configure script that tries to use gcc also tries to use
  instead of /usr/bin/as.  The /usr/local version of as doesn't
  understand -Qy.

  Using ./configure, cc to compile, and gnu make to make.

  gmake check failed one test:

Testing suite log for GNU Autoconf 2.49d

Failed tests:
  37:  GNU Fortran 77

Skipped tests:
   9:    autoupdate
  10:    autoupdating AC_LINK_FILES
  11:    autoupdating AC_PREREQ
  50:    Autoconf & Libtool


configure:974: checking for pgf90
configure:999: result: no
configure:974: checking for fc
configure:996: result: fc
configure:1009: checking for object suffix
configure:1020: fc -c  conftest.f >&5
/usr/bin/fc[14]: fc: -c: unknown option
Usage: fc [-lnrs] [-e editor] [-N #] [first] [last]
configure:1023: $? = 2
configure: failed program was:
      program main

configure:1035: error: cannot compute OBJEXT: cannot compile


I snipped out the less relevant parts.  Would you like me to
email the whole thing to bug-autoconf?

Would you tell me why the autoconf-libtool test was skipped, 
if I have a working/tested copy of libtool 1.3.5 in /usr/local/bin?

Be well,

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