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Re: Remove the rest of the comment from _AC_CACHE_DUMP

From: Paul Eggert
Subject: Re: Remove the rest of the comment from _AC_CACHE_DUMP
Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2006 00:31:56 -0700
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Noah Misch <address@hidden> writes:

>> -      echo
>> -      sed "/^$/d" confdefs.h | sort
>> +      sort -u confdefs.h
> What is the idea behind this change?  `sort -u FOO' behaves rather differently
> from `echo; sed '/^$/d' FOO | sort', no?

It behaves identically, if the input contains any blank lines and the
non-blank lines have no duplicates, which surely is the case here.
This is because the empty line sorts before all other lines.

Admittedly the empty line business is a bit tricky, but it's not that
big a deal (it's just a formatting issue).  Please add a comment if
you like.

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