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Re: [Patch] Some more DOS compatibility

From: Akim Demaille
Subject: Re: [Patch] Some more DOS compatibility
Date: 13 Mar 2001 19:41:40 +0100
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| > |    # Try the directory containing this script, then its parent.
| > |    ac_prog=$[0]
| > | -  ac_confdir=`echo "$ac_prog" | sed 's%/[[^/][^/]]*$%%'`
| > | +  ac_confdir=`echo "$ac_prog" | sed 's%[[\\/][^\\/][^\\/]]*$%%'`
| > 
| > Huh?  Why three chars now?
| Think you missed the literal '/' in the original pattern.

Correct.  Thanks!  (If you submit this part again, could you use `,'
as separator?  For consistency with Autoconf).

| BTW, Akim, did you think about that question I asked a short while
| ago? Can we or can't we assume option names don't contain shell
| metachars. I'd still like configure to build an argument list like
|    --foo --bar='foo\\bar'
| instead of
|    --foo '--bar=foo\\bar'
| Mainly this would help the sub-configure system recognize quoted
| versions of --srcdir and --cache-file (probably the two options most
| likely to have metachars ('\' on DOS, for example)).
| But to reliably quote only the option argument, I need to be sure the
| option name cannot itself contain metachars.

I don't recall the details, but I have kept this at hand.  Frankly, I
don't want anything intelligent getting in 2.49d now.  Only brain
stupid things, that makes no significant difference.  Understand that
I will not change anything in this area before 2.50.

But rest assured, 2.51 will be quickly released (IMHO) afterwards.

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