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RE: [Patch] Some more DOS compatibility

From: Tim Van Holder
Subject: RE: [Patch] Some more DOS compatibility
Date: Tue, 13 Mar 2001 19:27:52 +0100

> |  # Name of the executable.
> | -as_me=`echo "$[0]" | sed 's,.*/,,'`
> | +as_me=`echo "$[0]" | sed 's,.*[[\\/]],,'`
> OK. Actually, implementing AS_BASENAME would be good.

> |    # Try the directory containing this script, then its parent.
> |    ac_prog=$[0]
> | -  ac_confdir=`echo "$ac_prog" | sed 's%/[[^/][^/]]*$%%'`
> | +  ac_confdir=`echo "$ac_prog" | sed 's%[[\\/][^\\/][^\\/]]*$%%'`
> Huh?  Why three chars now?
Think you missed the literal '/' in the original pattern.
Both that and the negated slash need to accept a backslash to handle
standard DOS paths.

> I see no point in this change.
Neither do I (now).  Think I had a bug at some point that I thought
was caused by a missing '\' to escape the newline, so I added several.
Guess some of them are still lingering in my local files.

> | -srcdir=$srcdir
> | +
> | +dnl Add the quotes to protect paths with spaces/backslashes/etc
> | +srcdir='$srcdir'
> Good.  While you're at it, I think the other guy around should have
> single quotes too, not double (referring to INSTALL for instance).
Will look into it.

BTW, Akim, did you think about that question I asked a short while
ago? Can we or can't we assume option names don't contain shell
metachars. I'd still like configure to build an argument list like
   --foo --bar='foo\\bar'
instead of
   --foo '--bar=foo\\bar'
Mainly this would help the sub-configure system recognize quoted
versions of --srcdir and --cache-file (probably the two options most
likely to have metachars ('\' on DOS, for example)).
But to reliably quote only the option argument, I need to be sure the
option name cannot itself contain metachars.

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