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Re: AUCTex in WSL cannot find TeX Live in Win

From: petepetite75
Subject: Re: AUCTex in WSL cannot find TeX Live in Win
Date: Thu, 01 Sep 2022 15:44:31 +0200

> Does this command, taken from [1], list contents of your Windows files
> C:\ directory?
> cmd.exe /C dir
> (Run the above command in the wsl bash connsole.)
Yes, this run-down lists my Windows C:\ directory.
Everything run in wsl-console seems to always exceute the desired result.

> Maybe you should try another instance
> of wsl installation, say Ubuntu, to see whether AUCTeX runs as expected
> or not. If it fails as well, then emacs running under wsl has something
> wrong about starting asynchronous process of windows binary. On the
> contrary, if it runs normally, then your current installation of Debian
> wsl is somehow corrupted.
This or for now, until perhaps this issue will be resolved with future distributions, I'll just have to install Texlive within Debian. Running pdflatex.exe from the console and having no preview just does not seem to be a very practical workflow.
Thank you so very much for your truly dedicated help, Ikumi! I still feel I have learned something from your also didactically excellent instructions. Computer science is obviously not my business, still you never lost patience. Domo arigato und Dankeschön!
In case any significant change in the status quo should come about in the future, I will make notice. So it can maybe be use who encounter the same issue.
Kind regards,

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