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Re: TeX-next-error log buffer

From: Ikumi Keita
Subject: Re: TeX-next-error log buffer
Date: Mon, 14 Dec 2020 14:59:14 +0900

Hi Greg and Colin,

>>>>> Greg Bognar <> writes:
> That is, there are two buffers involved: the *TeX Help* buffer with
> the error message, which is a read-only buffer and is updated without
> any echoed message; and the <myfilename>.log buffer, which is a file
> read from disk, and changing it results in an echoed message.
> (Assuming you have auto-revert mode enabled.)

Thank you, it seems that `global-auto-revert-mode' is the key to this
issue. I did observe the echoed message that Colin described after I
enabled `global-auto-revert-mode'.

(To Colin: AUCTeX does not always open the log file when C-c ` is typed.
AUCTeX has its own error message catalogue in
`TeX-error-description-list' and checks if the current error is listed in
this catalogue. If found, AUCTeX displays the message in the catalogue
and does not open the log file. Hence it's necessary to cause error not
listed in the catalogue in order to make AUCTeX to open the log file

> If this is indeed what happens, one option is to set
> `auto-revert-verbose' to nil, another is to add fundamental-mode (in
> which the log file is opened) to `global-auto-revert-ignore-modes'.

Colin, do these workarounds suit you?

Ikumi Keita

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