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Re: TeX-next-error log buffer

From: Greg Bognar
Subject: Re: TeX-next-error log buffer
Date: Sun, 13 Dec 2020 18:30:24 +0100

> >>>>> Ikumi Keita <> writes:
> >>>>> Colin Baxter <> writes:
> > > When the error is corrected and the file is re-compiled, the log buffer is
> > > updated with an echoed message. The log buffer is not deleted and on every
> > > compilation thereafter the echoed update-message is again displayed.
>     > That doesn't occur for me. My emacs opens the log file in read-only
>     > buffer and doesn't pay attention whether the log file is updated or not.
>     > Could you provide more detail?
> Well, this is most embarrassing. I find I cannot reproduce the effect and
> indeed the log file behaves exactly as you stated. I will watch things
> carefully and report back if I can reproduce it. In the meantime, please
> accept my apologies for wasting your time.

Perhaps I misundertood, but I thought Colin meant: for some TeX errors, AUCTeX
opens the log file that TeX creates, and it is reverted on each subsequent TeX
run, resulting in a message in the echo area which is indeed annoying.

That is, there are two buffers involved: the *TeX Help* buffer with the error
message, which is a read-only buffer and is updated without any echoed message;
and the <myfilename>.log buffer, which is a file read from disk, and changing it
results in an echoed message.  (Assuming you have auto-revert mode enabled.)

If this is indeed what happens, one option is to set `auto-revert-verbose' to
nil, another is to add fundamental-mode (in which the log file is opened) to
`global-auto-revert-ignore-modes'.  Again, unless I misunderstood what the
problem is in the first place.

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