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[AUCTeX] build of PDF Tools fails -- openSuse

From: AW
Subject: [AUCTeX] build of PDF Tools fails -- openSuse
Date: Tue, 19 Apr 2016 09:28:48 +0200
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I'm still struggeling with the installation of PDF Tools. I'm using openSuse 
(Tumbleweed). When I try to install the pdf-tools package in Emacs via melpa, 
the process ends without the binary »epdinfo«. 

When I download (either clone the git archive or the zip file) from the 
website at github and compile, I get the file pdf-tools-0.70.tar. But in 
comparison to the files from melpa, an important file seems to be missing: 

Besides this,  »make install-package« ends with an error (»Wrong type 
argument: arrayp, nil«*). 

No luck. 

I just copied the epdinfo binary into the package I downloaded with Emacs 
(~/.../emacs.d/elpa/pdf-tools-20160410.214/ ) and I can use PDF Tools now. 

Well, I'd like to install it properly, because links from orgmode into a PDF 
always open on p. 1, regardless of the page number given in the link ( 
something like [[./foo.pdf::3]] is always opened on p.1). 

I'm bothering you on this list, because AUCTeX supports PDF Tools and maybe 
someone here uses openSuse and had success to build PDF Tools.

Anybody here who uses openSuse and was able to install pdftools properly? 



make install-package
emacs -Q --batch --eval \
        "(progn (package-initialize) \
                (package-install-file \
Parsing tar file...
Parsing tar file...done
Wrong type argument: arrayp, nil
Makefile:55: die Regel für Ziel „install-package“ scheiterte
make: *** [install-package] Fehler 255


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