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Re: [AUCTeX] build of PDF Tools fails -- openSuse

From: Joost Kremers
Subject: Re: [AUCTeX] build of PDF Tools fails -- openSuse
Date: Wed, 20 Apr 2016 14:18:40 +0200
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On Tue, Apr 19 2016, AW wrote:
> OK, I got PDF-Tools installed finally. It seems, that I needed to install 
> »Cask« (Guide: 
> ) before installing the package with melpa.

I don't think that that should be necessary, since I have installed
pdf-tools without cask. But of course if it works for you, then that's

> Unfortunately that did not solve my issue, links still are opened on the 
> first 
> page...

Then it's more likely a problem with the way org-mode calls pdf-tools.
Your best bet is then probably to ask on the org-mode mailing list.

Joost Kremers
Life has its moments

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