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Re: [AUCTeX] have AUCTeX insert the encoding as local variable specifica

From: jfbu
Subject: Re: [AUCTeX] have AUCTeX insert the encoding as local variable specification
Date: Sat, 29 Nov 2014 12:35:11 +0100

29 nov. 2014 at 12:22, David Kastrup wrote :

> jfbu writes:
>> 29 nov. 2014 at 09:45, David Kastrup wrote :
>>>> Makes me think that there could be a one-time-only
>>>> parsing of the .emacs and customization files when
>>>> a new Emacs major release is first executed by the
>>>> user, so as to signal possible mis-configuration.
>>> customize-changed-options is an interactive autoloaded Lisp function
>>> in `cus-edit.el'.
>>> It is bound to <menu-bar> <options> <customize>
>>> <customize-changed-options>.
>>> (customize-changed-options &optional SINCE-VERSION)
>>> Customize all settings whose meanings have changed in Emacs itself.
>>> This includes new user options and faces, and new customization
>>> groups, as well as older options and faces whose meanings or
>>> default values have changed since the previous major Emacs
>>> release.
>>> With argument SINCE-VERSION (a string), customize all settings
>>> that were added or redefined since that version.
>> Thanks for the tip, 
>> M-x customize-changed-options 
>> creates a giant customization buffer, I am not sure
>> what I am supposed to do with it. It just makes me realize 
>> I know close to nothing to all modes provided with Emacs.
> You probably want the intersection of
> M-x customize-saved RET
> with that.  Perhaps with an addition of M-x customize-rogue RET as well...

Indeed customize-saved and customize-rogue do enable me 
to get some kind of overview not only of my own things (and 
from this interface I get the possibility to check defaults), 
but also
of those customizations inherited from the GNU Emacs build I got
from the internet.


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