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Re: [AUCTeX] reftex completing bibtex keys

From: Tassilo Horn
Subject: Re: [AUCTeX] reftex completing bibtex keys
Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2012 21:35:54 +0200
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Marcus Frings <address@hidden> writes:

>>> Huh, that is weird because I have tab completion here (CVS AUCTeX). I
>>> use `C-C [' and then start to type the first letters of a key and after
>>> pressing TAB I get a *Completions* buffer showing possible keys.
>> Really?  Does `C-c [' run the very same function?
>> ,----[ C-h k C-c [ ]
>> | C-c [ runs the command reftex-citation, which is an interactive autoloaded
>> | compiled Lisp function in `reftex-cite.el'.
>> | 
> Yes, it runs the same function, the only difference is the output of the
> first two lines:
> ,----[ C-h k C-c [ ]
> | C-c [ runs the command reftex-citation, which is an interactive
> | compiled Lisp function.
> `----
> (The rest of the description is the same.)
>> And does regex search work in addition to completion?
> Yes, I can either type "FringsTAB" to get a *completions* buffer with a
> possible list of keys like Frings2009, Frings2010 and so on or I just
> type "fringsENTER" and get the *RefTeX Select* buffer where I can mark,
> select complete entries matching "frings".
>> Maybe the difference is that you use the biber patches?
> No idea. :-) I'm just happy that everything is working, hahaha. If
> anyone wants, I can send my emacs_tex.el where I have all my AUCTeX
> configuration stuff.

Not needed, I've isolated the problem.  The call (LaTeX-bibitem-list) in
`reftex-extract-bib-entries' returns nil here.  `LaTeX-bibitem-list' is
a generated function which calls (TeX-auto-list-information 'bibitem).
That tries to lookup something in `TeX-auto-parser', whose value is:

,----[ C-h v TeX-auto-parser RET ]
| TeX-auto-parser is a variable defined in `tex.el'.
| Its value is (("index-entry" LaTeX-auto-index-entry LaTeX-add-index-entries 
LaTeX-index-entry-list LaTeX-index-entry-changed)
|  ("bibliography" LaTeX-auto-bibliography LaTeX-add-bibliographies 
LaTeX-bibliography-list LaTeX-bibliography-changed)
|  ("environment" LaTeX-auto-environment LaTeX-add-environments 
LaTeX-environment-list LaTeX-environment-changed)
|  ("bibitem" LaTeX-auto-bibitem LaTeX-add-bibitems LaTeX-bibitem-list 
|  ("label" LaTeX-auto-label LaTeX-add-labels LaTeX-label-list 
|  ("symbol" TeX-auto-symbol TeX-add-symbols TeX-symbol-list TeX-symbol-changed)
|  (styles TeX-auto-file TeX-run-style-hooks))

1. Observation: The generated function wants to look up a symbol, but
   the alist has string keys for everything except styles?  Intended?

2. Even if I change the lookup so that it gets "bibitem" as string,
   `reftex-extract-bib-entries' returns nil.  It can find an entry, but
   the symbol-value of LaTeX-bibitem-list is nil.

All in all, I don't really understand the code and how that auto-stuff
is supposed to work.  So please, someone with deeper knowledge of that
code should take a look.


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