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Re: [AUCTeX] reftex completing bibtex keys

From: Tassilo Horn
Subject: Re: [AUCTeX] reftex completing bibtex keys
Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2012 17:25:10 +0200
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Marcus Frings <address@hidden> writes:

>> No, I don't think there is completion.  The docs of the CVS development
>> version also don't have that statement anymore.
>> ,----[ (info "(reftex)Creating Citations") ]
>> | 4.1 Creating Citations
>> | ======================
>> | 
>> | In order to create a citation, press `C-c ['.  RefTeX then prompts for
>> | a regular expression which will be used to search through the database
>> | and present the list of matches to choose from in a selection process
>> | similar to that for selecting labels (*note Referencing Labels::).
>> `----
> Huh, that is weird because I have tab completion here (CVS AUCTeX). I
> use `C-C [' and then start to type the first letters of a key and after
> pressing TAB I get a *Completions* buffer showing possible keys.

Really?  Does `C-c [' run the very same function?

,----[ C-h k C-c [ ]
| C-c [ runs the command reftex-citation, which is an interactive autoloaded
| compiled Lisp function in `reftex-cite.el'.
| It is bound to C-c [, <menu-bar> <Ref> <\cite>.
| (reftex-citation &optional NO-INSERT FORMAT-KEY)
| Make a citation using BibTeX database files.
| After prompting for a regular expression, scans the buffers with
| bibtex entries (taken from the \bibliography command) and offers the
| matching entries for selection.  The selected entry is formatted according
| to `reftex-cite-format' and inserted into the buffer.
| If NO-INSERT is non-nil, nothing is inserted, only the selected key returned.
| FORMAT-KEY can be used to pre-select a citation format.
| When called with a `C-u' prefix, prompt for optional arguments in
| cite macros.  When called with a numeric prefix, make that many
| citations.  When called with point inside the braces of a `\cite'
| command, it will add another key, ignoring the value of
| `reftex-cite-format'.
| The regular expression uses an expanded syntax: && is interpreted as `and'.
| Thus, `aaaa&&bbb' matches entries which contain both `aaaa' and `bbb'.
| While entering the regexp, completion on knows citation keys is possible.
| `=' is a good regular expression to match all entries in all files.

And does regex search work in addition to completion?

Maybe the difference is that you use the biber patches?


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