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Re: [AUCTeX] Configuring LaTeX-fill command

From: Kannan Moudgalya
Subject: Re: [AUCTeX] Configuring LaTeX-fill command
Date: Mon, 06 Oct 2008 23:21:03 +0530
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Ralf Angeli wrote:

I want the material in the align environment to be formatted as follows:

    \frac {dx}{dt} = f(x,y)
    \intertext{This is a differential equation.  The following is an
      algebraic equation:}
    y = g(x,y)

Is it possible?  Thanks.

You could tell the filling code to break before opening braces by
customizing `LaTeX-fill-break-at-separators', see
(info "(auctex)Filling").  However, this will affect any type of braces
and not be confined to \intertext.

By the way, please don't reply to messages unrelated to your problem
because this messes up threading.  If you want to discuss a new topic,
start a new thread.
Do you mean that I have to use the following command?

'(LaTeX-fill-break-at-separators (quote (\{ \})))

This seems to make no difference. What mistake am I making? I have gone through the manual of auctex, but I find it difficult to understand this option. Thanks.


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