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Re: [AUCTeX] Configuring LaTeX-fill command

From: Kannan Moudgalya
Subject: Re: [AUCTeX] Configuring LaTeX-fill command
Date: Tue, 07 Oct 2008 22:30:16 +0530
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Ralf Angeli wrote:
In my case it is working fine, i.e. \intertext gets its own line.  Do
you perhaps have a setup where `fill-column' is so large that the whole
argument of \intertext fits into one line?  Because the line is only
broken in front of the macro if its argument does not fit in it.
No, I have the fill column to be the standard 72. The problem is due to the argument of \intertext{} being small. The lines are expected to be small in presentations (slides). Hence this approach is generally not useful for slides. Longer sentences do get broken in my case also. But there is some other problem in this case: the following equation may not start on a new line. For example, I got the following formatted source:

\item Then the characteristic equation of $A$ is given by \pause
   z^n + a_1 z^{n-1} + \cdots + a_{n-1} z + a_n & = 0 \pause
   \intertext{As per Cayley Hamilton's theorem, a matrix satisfies
     its own characteristic equation: \pause} A^n + a_1 A^{n-1} +
   \cdots + a_{n-1} A + a_nI & = 0 \pause
\item Evaluate the desired characteristic polynomial
Hm, perhaps a better alternative for your problem would be to customize
`LaTeX-paragraph-commands'.  Macros listed in that variable will not be
filled together with the lines above or below them.  But you have to add
the respective line breaks before or after it yourself.
There is an easier approach for the same end: create a blank line just before \intertext and comment the blank line (align environment does not like blank lines). I am not happy with this solution, though, because it makes the source bulky and I am not comfortable with too many blank lines within a paragraph.
And the problem is that the implementation is currently broken.  If you
try to set it you will get an error at the moment.  I'll be checking a
fix for that into CVS shortly.
Thanks for all the help.


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