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[AUCTeX-diffs] [elpa] externals/auctex 7288b93 31/62: Merge branch 'my-f

From: Tassilo Horn
Subject: [AUCTeX-diffs] [elpa] externals/auctex 7288b93 31/62: Merge branch 'my-fix' into master
Date: Sun, 20 Dec 2020 10:39:58 -0500 (EST)

branch: externals/auctex
commit 7288b930150d6d64ad3cae2a38c98adb784bdc04
Merge: a9c37b7 59c40b0
Author: Ikumi Keita <>
Commit: Ikumi Keita <>

    Merge branch 'my-fix' into master
--- |  1 -
 tex.el         | 14 +++++++++-----
 2 files changed, 9 insertions(+), 6 deletions(-)

diff --git a/ b/
index fd28869..12287d5 100644
--- a/
+++ b/
@@ -75,7 +75,6 @@ TeX-auto-* (automatically generated lisp).")
 (defcustom TeX-auto-global
   "*Directory containing automatically generated information.
-Must end with a directory separator.
 For storing automatic extracted information about the TeX macros
 shared by all users of a site."
diff --git a/tex.el b/tex.el
index 94370cf..aa4b113 100644
--- a/tex.el
+++ b/tex.el
@@ -2612,6 +2612,9 @@ If REGEXP is nil, or \"\", an error will occur."
                        (if (string-match ";" value) ";" ":")
+        (global (append '("/" "\\")
+                        (mapcar #'file-name-as-directory
+                                TeX-macro-global)))
     (while entries
@@ -2622,7 +2625,7 @@ If REGEXP is nil, or \"\", an error will occur."
                       (substring entry 0 (match-beginning 0))
       (or (not (file-name-absolute-p entry))
-         (member entry (append '("/" "\\") TeX-macro-global))
+         (member entry global)
          (setq answers (cons entry answers))))
@@ -4483,8 +4486,9 @@ If EXTENSIONS is not specified or nil, the value of
 (defun TeX-strip-extension (&optional string extensions nodir nostrip)
   "Return STRING without any trailing extension in EXTENSIONS.
 If NODIR is t, also remove directory part of STRING.
-If NODIR is `path', remove directory part of STRING if it is equal to
-the current directory, `TeX-macro-private' or `TeX-macro-global'.
+If NODIR is `path', remove directory part of STRING if it is
+equal to the current directory or is a member of
+`TeX-macro-private' or `TeX-macro-global'.
 If NOSTRIP is set, do not remove extension after all.
 STRING defaults to the name of the current buffer.
 EXTENSIONS defaults to `TeX-file-extensions'."
@@ -4502,8 +4506,8 @@ EXTENSIONS defaults to `TeX-file-extensions'."
         (dir (expand-file-name (or (file-name-directory strip) "./"))))
     (if (or (eq nodir t)
            (string-equal dir (expand-file-name "./"))
-           (member dir TeX-macro-global)
-           (member dir TeX-macro-private))
+           (member dir (mapcar #'file-name-as-directory TeX-macro-global))
+           (member dir (mapcar #'file-name-as-directory TeX-macro-private)))
        (file-name-nondirectory strip)

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