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[Adonthell-devel] weather fx

From: ksterker
Subject: [Adonthell-devel] weather fx
Date: Wed, 22 Sep 2004 10:24:59 +0200

Driving through some nice landscape last weekend with cool weather fx gave me 
the following idea:
Each map should have a 'weather schedule' attached. I.e. a Python script that 
controls special fx like clouds, fog, rain, snow, sunrise, sunset, etc ...

These scripts need to be per-map for the following reasons:
- each map is different, so global weather fx won't work. There would be no 
snow in the desert, only sand storms. Fog would be in forests or near water. 
- Tuning the weather to fit to each map will vastly improve the atmosphere of 
the game.
- for performance reasons, the python scripts execution could be simply 
disabled, thus stopping costly graphic calculations (the scripts itself would 
be event based, so little overhead here)

One particular idea for an effect I had was to have water reflect the stars at 
night. Should be possible with an additional, transparent layer on top of water 

Well, so much for that idea.


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