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Re: [Adonthell-devel] I'm back !!!

From: Kenneth Gangstoe
Subject: Re: [Adonthell-devel] I'm back !!!
Date: Mon, 18 Feb 2002 15:33:41 +0100
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Quoting Alexandre Courbot (address@hidden):
> > The current display API in ClanLib is one of the oldest part of the whole
> > ClanLib API, and it is noticably so (at least compared to the newer parts
> > like Network and GUI, which is very nicely designed). The OpenGL support 
> > here
> > is just a matter of adding a few sourcelines at init-time. The worst part
> > is low-level manipulation.
> Does it mean that blits for example aren't accelerated? This is all we
> would require from an OpenGL backend, actually.

No, it means blits are accelerated - thats the whole point in OpenGL :)
Normal 2d blits (under classic targets), are accelerated where acceleration
is (which means DirectX in reality, don't think xlib is much accel'ed?)

> > The problem is with low-level manipulation. In most cases modern 
> > hardware
> > acceleration doesn't go to well along with low-level manipulation.
> > What exactly are you're needs for manipulation ?
> Very simple things, actually. I'm almost sure ClanDisplay does provides
> what we need.

Ok, we'll see then.
> > It means we are deprioritizing "normal 2d" targets like xlib and similar
> > for now, and just use OpenGL, but xlib target and similar can easily be 
> > added
> > later (for those who doesnt have proper OpenGL support, but they would also
> > miss out the great features of rotation and stuff). 
> Well, that can be done in software too. Be carefull not to
> deprioritizing too much classic targets - I mean, hardware acceleration
> is a very good thing, but it wouldn't come to my mind to make a 2D game
> using a library that requires OpenGL.

With deprioritizing, I just mean we'll concentrate on OpenGL first (as thats
what we personally use in our own projects anyway), and when that is running,
and we're sure the API is perfect, we'll look into the classic targets.

> > So, if you decide to try a ClanLib target (in addition to SDL), I'm
> > glad to help (and even code it) (and Im sure I can get other clanlibbers
> > on the team).
> It's likely to happen in the future. Depends on the time I'll have - and
> how other stuff (input system, map engine, editors, ...) are coming. But
> I like CLanLib more and more (would it be for the clean design), even
> though I haven't even coded for it yet.

Thats why Im afraid you'll be scared of with the current ClanDisplay... it
wasnt designed for low-level manipulation. We're just brewing on something
much, much better, and I don't want people scared off from something we're
currently improving.

- Kenneth

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