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Re: [Adonthell-devel] Credits 1st draft

From: Alexandre Courbot
Subject: Re: [Adonthell-devel] Credits 1st draft
Date: 13 Jan 2002 15:44:33 +0100

> Oh, and another thing: the running Alek. Could you please make an
> animation of it, Alex? Then I can add it to the extro too.

Running Alek is done. He's in gfx/cutscenes/running_alek.anim.

I've tried to put it in the extro, but shamefully failed. I do the
following things:
-I add a self.alek_run member, load the anim, tell it to play.
-To be sure the anim is fine, right after that, I play it (there's a
dirty loop that cease when you push escape)
-then, in forest_animation, I update it and draw it right after all the
forest (actually it should be drawn between layer 2 and 3, but that's
just for testing: it doesn't appear! I don't know what's wrong, but
after 1 hour of searching I decided I am a complete idiot and would
better let Kai (who made the outro, after all ;)) find out what's wrong.

Please tell me what it was. I really don't get it - it SHOULD work!



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