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Re: [Adonthell-devel] Credits 1st draft

From: Alexandre Courbot
Subject: Re: [Adonthell-devel] Credits 1st draft
Date: 12 Jan 2002 17:56:49 +0100

> I've just committed the first version of the credits. Update your data,
> load the game I've sent a couple of weeks ago and watch.

Brilliant! :) Some things though (that I should have said earlier, I

-The first line title should rather be "Adonthell - Wastes's Edge", as
hopefully this won't be the last release ;)
-How about putting the real name of Josh's friend who hosted our CVS?
-In the greetings section, I forgot to ask whether we could add Meandus,
the guy that hosts our FTP (and all
-Still in the greetings - We forgot OGG team, SDL team, and why not
enlarging the greets to all the Free Software developers that produce so
helpfull apps (we can't list them all, as there are many, moreover some
are conflicting (emacs vs vi ;)). But the ones we use directly should
appear, at least.
-Maybe a note like 'Stay tuned at' would
be informative?
-Maybe it would be a good place to say we hire? (for this, every place
is good anyway ;))

> Oh, and another thing: the running Alek. Could you please make an
> animation of it, Alex? Then I can add it to the extro too.

Uh, sure. I forgot about it. Expect it for tomorrow.



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