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Re: [Adonthell-artwork] Getting back into Adonthell...

From: Kai Sterker
Subject: Re: [Adonthell-artwork] Getting back into Adonthell...
Date: Mon, 2 Aug 2010 23:24:08 +0200

On Mon, Aug 2, 2010 at 9:23 PM, James Nash <address@hidden> wrote:

Hey James,

just came home from a 900km road trip and just wanted to fall into
bed, but now it seems I have to stay away just a little bit longer

> I want to get back into making some graphics for Adonthell. I'm still no 
> better at drawing people so I guess I'd focus mainly on map and UI graphics. 
> :-) (Besides, it looks like Ingo already made a whole load of lovely 
> character sprites.)

Ingo only has the first frame of each sprite, so there's still ways to
go. But map, UI and cutscene gfx are also in high demand. Maybe you
won't even be alone with these, as we have another artist maybe join
in. Arikel hangs around IRC but has to make his introduction on the ML

> I've had a few ideas and questions knocking about in my head but I think I'll 
> put those into separate emails so that this thread doesn't get too muddled.

Getting to those in a minute ...

> What I'd like to focus on here is how to get back up and running with all the 
> latest tools for making sprites, models and maps. My only computer right now 
> is a MacBook with OS X 10.6. I downloaded the world test demo and it runs, 
> but there's no tools binaries.

Nope, gotta compile those from source.

> I had a quick look at the instructions for building from source, but it looks 
> like there's a whole load of dependencies I'd need to resolve first. (I've 
> got XCode installed and I'm not adverse to installing Fink or something like 
> that if it helps)
> So, I figured it might just be faster if I ask here how best to get started 
> on my Mac.

Fink will certainly simplify things alot. Just install everything
that's listed in the dependency matrix:

Then top that off with cairo and gtk+ for the editors. Once you have
all the dependencies, compiling Adonthell should be a breeze. Do it
from the command line as there's not XCode project (I have it set up
and develop in XCode, but still build from the command line). I assume
that if Fink still puts stuff under /sw (or /opt/sw or whatever), you
might want to use that as --prefix for Adonthell as well. Come by IRC
(#adonthell, if you get stuck.

> Oh yeah, where do you keep the graphics files these days? I grabbed the 
> sourcecode from Git but didn't see any PNGs. Are they in another repo?

There are three of those:

 * (engine)
 * (editors)
 * (data,including the PNGs)

And if David gets some dialogues done, we'll soon have dunbarethsol too :-).

> If OS X is not fully supported, I could probably install Linux on a partition 
> or via virtualisation. FWIW, I do also have a Windows 7 bootcamp partition 
> but I'm not massively keen on using it as it won't control my GPU fan 
> properly and sometimes makes my machine overheat :-(

As long as I write all the code on OSX, it'll be supported :-). You
may need to use SDL 1.3, though, since it does behave a bit strange
with 1.2. But if Fink doesn't have 1.3 yet, I'd first see how far you
can get with 1.2. All in all, setting stuff up on OSX is definitely
simpler than on Windows :-).


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