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Re: [Adonthell-artwork] sample map

From: cirrus
Subject: Re: [Adonthell-artwork] sample map
Date: Mon, 27 May 2002 11:46:57 +0000

Kai Sterker wrote:
> Cool. I admit my mountains aren't too mountain-like. But what appears to
> be a plain surface on that map might be full of smaller hills and
> canyons in reality. The scale didn't allow for too much detail.

I've adopted your map-style (it reminds me of Zelda 3 :) ), but like you
say - there'd be more details - boulders, plants, signs... etc.

> Anyway, looking forward to your result :)

I've put it on the FTP (adonthell-04-map.jpg) coz it's a little big. The
scale isn't perfect but it's fairly accurate. If you take the Redwyne
Inn and think how much of it you see on one screen now that should give
you an idea of the size.

I've also incorporated some of the ideas that have been suggested along
with some new ones (the numbers are on the map):

1. Gates to Wastesedge
I thought it might be a nice touch to have village gates. We could place
guards at each one. The guards on the ones leading to the SW and W could
block off the player from going through the with some excuse like "It's
not safe because a Goblin hord was spotted" or something like that. The
ones on the other gates could give directions to Uzdun-kal or advice.

2. Mountain Settlement
I put this here so that the mountain path got a bit ore interesting. It
could be a few houses inhabited by humans. There could be a jeweller who
makes things from the gems the dwarves mine and then occassionally goes
to WE to sell them and there could be an Alchemist (where you could buy
ingredients!) who uses the minerals and pure water from the mountains.

3. Residential Area :P
Again a few houses mostly for variation and eye-candy. This would be
families who just live in WE and don't own a shop or inn. There could be
kids living there (Oliver Redwynes friends perhaps) who you can play
games with. Adults might be available for chatting or playing some of
those board games that were suggested.

4. Field
This could be where the shepard gets you to hunt down wolves threatening
his sheep.

5. Waterfall Shop
Again, mostly to break things up a little. Might sell items useful in
the mountains (a map of Uzdun-kal for instance)

6. Ruins
Just thought it would make a cool secret place. Could be ruins of a
small watch-tower or a monestry or something. It might be used as a
hide-out for some bandits -> excuse to  kick some ass and get a nice
reward! There could maybe be a little sub-quest where you meet someone
who's kid has been kidnapped and it's the bandits living in the ruins
who did it or someone asks you to retrieve a stolen item.
As indicated on the map there could be a few secret passages here - one
leading down to the road along the Elenstroem and one through the
mountain (behind the waterfall -> eyecandy!) coming out to the well in
the mountain settlement.

7. Underground village & Abandoned mine
Some tunnels with the occasional dwarvish shop or family. Could be a
little maze-like to challenge the player a little (and prepare them for
Uzdun-kal). There could be a hidden exit which leads to the abandoned
dwarvish mine like the one Kai suggested. There could be exits to the
river (which also runs underground at this point) and an exit to that
little plain where I think it would be quite funny to have a house with
NG living in it (He could be a Yeti worshipper or something).

Other stuff...
There are some more hidden paths indicated by dotted lines and I'm sure
we could add more. The hidden sections should IMO contain some kind of
reward - some money, an item or a subgame.

The paths that go through forest bits should be a bit challenging -
maybe have some more mosters than usual and sections where you need to
jump/climb around.

The library in WE could contain some texts from the library section on
our site. It might also have maps of the area. NPCs you chat to might
refer to tales and legends that you can read about here.

The farm in WE could be Soko's farm (which has a barn) where we could
incorporate Nils's idea ;)

+ all the other ideas that were mentioned previously

+ things we will no doubt add as we go along

= A really, really fun map to explore methinks!

What do you think?


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