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Re: [Xlog-discussion] mia 746

From: Stephane Fillod
Subject: Re: [Xlog-discussion] mia 746
Date: Sat, 25 Oct 2003 17:37:01 +0200
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On Sat, Oct 25, 2003, Eric S. Johansson wrote:
> >I would recommend you "tlf" for HF contests, even though I still use xlog
> >for VHF/UHF contest :)
> I was afraid you would say that.  ;-)  tlf and I have bumped noses more 
> than once in the past.  Personally, I find the contest definition 
> portion impenetrable.  It would probably make much more sense if I 
> understood the structure of maintaining scores in contests that's yet 
> another hurdle I'm climbing.  Who the heck comes up with these lunatics 
> schemes for multipliers etc. :-)  seriously, I'm still trying to figure 
> out how to set up things like state qso party logging.

Ask Rein about it.

I'm using tlf for HF contests, and xlog for VHF, because xlog is locator
aware. FYI, there's a cz vhf contesting program that looks quite
promising but not translated yet: http://tucnak.nagano.cz

> At the very least, I really like xlog for basic stuff like general QSOs 
> and for its tie in to gmfsk.  It would be nice to bring it up to the 
> same level of contest functionality as tlf.  In fact, if I wasn't so 
> overloaded with a couple of other open source projects, I would suggest 
> building a common background (loglib?) and separating tlf and xlog 
> solely on the basis of user interface (character versus GUI).
> part of the reason I push for a full contesting gui log program is that 

AFAIAC, I like GUI for general QSOs, and character oriented interfaces
for contesting, in text console. To me, general QSOs log and contest
logging are really different. But there's place enough on earth and
the space for different log applications. Your idea of loglib is
interesting. xlog has already a liblogfile (for log format support)
which average support. That would be nice to have a kind of libcontest
and the support for "skins" (either GUI or CO). Rein already has some
plan on the topic.

> if we're going to try and drag the rest of the ham community into Linux, 
> we need to give them a lot of the visual flash that Windows has trained 
> them to expect.

IMHO, we shouldn't try to move people, they will, by themselves, move over
if they'd like to. IOW, if people are happy with Windows, that's fine
for me. Personnaly, I run only Linux or *nix, develop stuff for me, 
and eventually give hand to newcomers.

> >I've just added support for the Icom 746/pro in Hamlib [http://hamlib.org],
> >which is the control library used by xlog (and tlf BTW).
> >You will have to pull it out the CVS repository if you want to use it
> >for the cqww. If you're not familiar with CVS, you may wait for the next
> >release, and in the meantime, use the icom756 from the xlog drop-down list,
> >and set the config parameter "civaddr=0x56" for the Ic746 (only in xlog
> >0.9?).
> oh, I'm quite familiar with cvs.  Enough to swear at every time I use it.

Excellent:) You will find the project on sourceforge, have a look at the
README.betatester and README.developer files, and feel free to ask any
question on the hamlib-developer mailing list.
A test report would be very appreciated. Patches are welcome too :)

> >GL & see you in the contest (you may find my little pistol in the QRM :).
> indeed.  I will be operating as a two-person multi operator station at 
> ka1rv which belongs to a friend of mine named Erik.  so if you hear us, 
> ask for Eric with a c.

okay, I won't spend the whole week-end on cqww, but I'll be looking for
your signals.


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