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Re: [Tlf-devel] WARC bands - fixed

From: Hegedüs Ervin
Subject: Re: [Tlf-devel] WARC bands - fixed
Date: Sat, 1 Mar 2014 10:23:06 +0100
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Hello Zilvinas,

On Sat, Mar 01, 2014 at 09:22:57AM +0200, Zilvinas, AUGMA wrote:
> Good morning All,
> Oops.. Ervin, I only this morning noticed your work announcement on
> the list...
> Quickly compiled and it works as promised! I quickly grepped log
> with earlier QSOs (so far 445 lines) and tlf correctly
> shows all the warc qso's made earlier, including coloring to purple
> color earlier QSO made on the current band/mode.
> Big THANK you Ervin and I do believe I will stay with tlf for longer!

thanks :)
> I have a 2 questions, maybe someone can help find the answer
> I enabled hamlib with cofigure but tlf-warc refuses to talk to rig:

your description a little bit deceptive - only the Tlf-WARC
doesn't work, or any other Tlf-version reproduce this problem?

Of course, I'm using Tlf-WARC version too, with SHOW_WARC option
(I don't have antenna for WARC bands, so I can't work on those
bands), and Tlf works with hamlib correctly - but that's true,
I'm not using rigctld, Tlf communicates with RIG directly.

I always wanted to try the rigctld, and now I've done :)

Looks like Tlf manpage is outdated, because described this:

"RIGPORT=<serial port> You can use e.g. /dev/ttyS0, /dev/ttyUSB1,
etc... anything that looks like a tty.  RPC rig daemon users
should have RIGMODEL=1901 and RIGPORT=localhost.  In this case
RIGSPEED is ignored."

but with the model 1901 has been fault.

With this settings I can work through rigctld:

rigctld -r /dev/ttyS0 -m 209 -s 4800 &

and logcfg.dat:


(the RIGSPEED as the manpage describes had been ignored)

and Tlf works correctly :).

Then I stopped rigctld, and Tlf shows the RIG freq as 0.0, so
looks like it losts the connection with RIG through rigctld.

Thanks for motivation :)

> Using contest rules file:  rules/qso
> reading callmaster data
> HAMLIB compiled in
> Rignumber is 2
> Rig speed is 9600
> Trying to start rig ctrl
> Problem with rig link!
> Continue without rig control Y/(N)?
> I start rigctld like this (ft857):
> rigctld -r /dev/ttyUSB0 -m 122 -s 9600 &
> Here's the how I check it works:
> netstat -antp | grep rigctl
> tcp        0      0  * LISTEN
> 3603/rigctld
> rigctl -m 2
> Rig command: f
> Frequency: 14140470
> (I use m=2 in all the ham software - this way I can run them
> simultaneously - f.e grig and tlf)
> Maybe it's somehow related to warnings during compiling but I am not sure.
> I am attaching all the 'configure-make' session for tlf-warc

please test it again with my instructions above,

> pc tlf-1.2.0 # ./configure --enable-hamlib 
looks like everything is right. If my proposal doesn't works,
please try it with directly to RIG (I mean put the RIGMODEL to
logcfg.dat, and RIGSPEED/RIGPORT parameters too).

And please let me know the result,

> I have a 2 questions, maybe someone can help find the answer

What's the second question?



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