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[Tlf-devel] ANNOUNCE: Debian-Ham 0.5

From: Joop Stakenborg
Subject: [Tlf-devel] ANNOUNCE: Debian-Ham 0.5
Date: Thu, 24 Apr 2003 22:19:02 +0200
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I thought it would never happen, but now it finally did!
Debian-Ham 0.5 has arrived:

* Upgrade to uClibc-0.9.19 using the provided toolchain on
* Upgrade tinylogin to 1.2.
* Upgrade busybox to 0.60.5.
* Upgrade tlf to 0.8.19. Tlf is statically linked with libncurses, libm and libpthead, which leaves about 390k free on the root floppy for contesting.
* Cwdaemon is now the default keyer. Both serial and parallel ports are
now supported. See the README for the circuitry.
* Disable a bunch of busybox applets: tail, tee, cut, test, insmod, rmmod, lsmod, tr and some more.
* Fsck.minix is now called from /etc/init.d/rcS.
* The script is no longer used to build Debian-Ham. It was too difficult
to maintain. Only floppy images are distributed.

You can download at:

Joop PA4TU

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