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Re: [Swftools-common] Import package hierarchy fundamentals

From: c89 . nerd
Subject: Re: [Swftools-common] Import package hierarchy fundamentals
Date: Sun, 20 Dec 2009 01:37:15 -0600
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Matthias Kramm wrote:
> On Thu, Dec 17, 2009 at 04:56:27PM -0600, address@hidden <address@hidden> wrote:
>> This is my first time using ActionScript my previous experience includes
>> javascript, java, and C.
>> I can not find the flash/display/MovieClip.as file anywhere on my
>> computer.  So why does it expect there to exist a Slider.as file?
>> So are the fl.* packages only provided with an IDE such as "Adobe?
>> Flash? CS4 Professional"?
> You need a library file (.swc) for the fl.* packages to work. I'm
> working on support for this.
> Matthias

...\flex_sdk_3.4\frameworks\libs\flex.swc (as well as utilities.swc, framework.swc, rpc.swc, air\airframework.swc, and air\airglobal.swc)
was copied to C:\libraries\flex.swc (I just picked a quick place)

as3compile.exe [...] -l C:\libraries\flex.swc [...]
Warning: unknown AVM2 version 04034b50

"if(version!=0x002e0010) {"
fucnction swf_ReadABC
in .../swftools-2009-08-24-2042/lib/as3/abc.c

Perhaps the version is backward compatible? Is this what you are working on, with regard to your previous post?

SWFDump flex.swc!/library.swf (essentially; swc is just a zip file)
SWFDump utilites.swc!/library.swf
SWFDump framework.swc!/library.swf
SWFDump framework.swc!/Assets.swf
SWFDump rpc.swc!/library.swf
SWFDump airframework.swc!/library.swf
SWFDump airframework.swc!/Assets.swf
SWFDump airframework.swc!/ComputerIcon.swf
SWFDump airglobal.swc!/library.swf
reveals that most of the packages provided by these swc files infact contain
flash.* and mx.* packages, and no fl.* packages.
Assuming that my interpretation of swfdump's output is correct and that I don't need to check those other miscellaneous swc files, then I believe that the fl.* packages are not distributed with the flex sdk. If I am wrong then what files of the Flex SDK are needed and how do I utilize them properly?

I also found two swz files which apparently are "runtime-shared-libraries", however I do not know how to use them properly as
as3compile.exe [...] -l C:\libraries\framework_3.4.0.9271.swz [...]
error: reference to element 59 in array[7]
error: reference to element 106 in array[7]
and then results in an page fault for as3compile.exe at offset 0x0002e748
with an executable time stamp of: Thu Apr 23 15:14:05 GMT 2009

looks like 0x465aa0 (sorry; in between compilers) returns a non-NULL invalid pointer in eax
42e73d: e8 5e 73 03 00  call    0x465aa0
42e742: 31 d2           xor     %edx,%edx
42e744: 85 c0           test    %eax,%eax
skip if eax is NULL
42e746: 74 02           je      0x42e74a
page fault occured hear...
42e748: 8b 10           mov     (%eax),%edx

this shouldn't happen... probably needs some attention (for the likes of me who don't know that swz files should not be used as regular libraries...).

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