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[Swftools-common] pdf2swf -- NOTICE: file contains pbm pictures (masked)

From: Justin . Liebeskind
Subject: [Swftools-common] pdf2swf -- NOTICE: file contains pbm pictures (masked) -- results in black boxes
Date: Thu, 17 Dec 2009 14:33:19 -0500


When running pdf2swf.exe on Windows, I have a number of results with black boxes instead of images.
Attached is a sample PDF that you can use for testing (nurbild.pdf)

Additionally, here is the command and output:

$ C:\swftools\pdf2swf.exe --version
pdf2swf - part of swftools 0.9.0

$ C:\swftools\pdf2swf.exe -v -j 100 "C:\Documents and Settings\jliebesk\Desktop\prep_test_output\bad_swftools\PubFiles\HiResPDFs\nurbild.pdf" -T 9 -f -s zoom=175 -o "C:\Documents and Settings\jliebesk\Desktop\prep_test_output\bad_swftools\PubFiles\HighResSwf\nurbild.swf"
VERBOSE setting parameter jpegquality to "100"
VERBOSE setting parameter flashversion to "9"
VERBOSE setting parameter storeallcharacters to "1"
VERBOSE setting parameter extrafontdata to "1"
VERBOSE setting parameter zoom to "175"
VERBOSE Generating info structure for page 1
VERBOSE initializing swf output
VERBOSE Starting new SWF page of size 1446x2046
VERBOSE Render (1446,2046) move:0/0
VERBOSE Using user clip box 0.000000/0.000000/1446.000000/2046.000000
NOTICE  processing PDF page 1 (1446x2046:0:0) (move:0:0)
VERBOSE drawImageMask 315x315, invert=1 inline=0
NOTICE  File contains pbm pictures (masked)
VERBOSE drawing 315 by 315 masked picture
VERBOSE Drawing 315x315 transparent image (id 5) at size 315x315 (275x275), 2 colors
VERBOSE endPage (GfxOutputDev)
NOTICE  Writing SWF file C:\Documents and Settings\jliebesk\Desktop\prep_test_output\bad_swftools\PubFiles\HighResSwf\nurbild.swf
VERBOSE Performing cleanups

Thank you,

Attachment: nurbild.pdf
Description: Adobe PDF document

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