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[Swftools-common] swftools-0.8.1 question

From: Robert Brueckmann
Subject: [Swftools-common] swftools-0.8.1 question
Date: Thu, 8 Jan 2009 15:37:46 -0500

We downloaded the source for linux and compiled it on our RHEL 5.2 64-bit environment without a hitch.  We were previously running a very old version of swftools on our 32-bit RHEL environment and since we were upgrading O/S we figured we’d upgrade the swftools.  Problem is, I’m noticing the resulting SWF files are not loading into our application the same way the SWF files generated with the old version are.  The older version is swftools-2004-11-13-2026.


We make a call from our java class to pdf2swf to convert PDF documents to SWF and load them into our Adobe Flex app…the old swftools from 32-bit running in 64-bit generates the file no problem, newly compiled in 64-bit 0.8.1 flashes the swf file and then shrinks it to the point of invisibility and then I have to use my zoom widget I created to zoom in to see the report.  The only glaringly obvious difference I see between these two versions is that the 2004 swftools version sends output to the console simply ending with:


NOTICE  SWF written


With the new 0.8.1 version, I see:


NOTICE  SWF written

swfcombine -z -X 1130 -Y 850 "(null)" viewport="/opt/weblogic/tmp/RBRUECKMANN151231446346568.swf" -o "/opt/weblogic/tmp/RBRUECKMANN151231446346568.swf"


What’s the deal with this extra swfcombine call?  Where is it coming from?  Looks like it’s combining the two swfs together or making the viewport of the swf THE SWF (seems cyclical, no?), if I’m reading this correctly.  How do I get rid of this step?  Is this by default?  Is this normal?  Anyone have any ideas?  I think this is what’s screwing up the load of this SWF into my Flex app.


The parameters I’m calling pdf2swf to against BOTH versions (code is the same) are:


String[] command = {swftoolsPath + "pdf2swf/pdf2swf",




                              swftoolsPath + "pdf2swf/fonts",





                              reportFile.getAbsolutePath() + ".pdf",


                              reportFile.getAbsolutePath() + ".swf"};


Anybody have any ideas?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks,

Robert Brueckmann
Vice President
Application Developer

712 Fifth Avenue, 7th Floor
New York NY 10019
d: (212) 822-4821

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