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RE: [Swftools-common] Problem with some converted swf

From: Tony Stallan
Subject: RE: [Swftools-common] Problem with some converted swf
Date: Thu, 8 Jan 2009 13:39:24 -0500

Hi Sylvain,
Your PDF probably has many layers/objects which all get replicated in the SWF on conversion. If you run swfdump you will see the difference between a good/bad swf.
Try dumping the output of swfdump to a text file, the size of the text file is a reasonable indicator to identify "bad" PDF pages. Not pretty but it helps.
Tony Stallan

From: address@hidden [mailto:address@hidden On Behalf Of Sylvain Deniaud
Sent: Thursday, January 08, 2009 1:13 PM
To: address@hidden
Subject: [Swftools-common] Problem with some converted swf


I have a problem with few swf converted by pdf2swf.
I have converted a PDF with just one page, but the flash player really has difficulties to read the swf generated.
In fact, it use many CPU ressources and it take a long time to display the swf (about 1 minute).

Have you ever seen this point ?

If I convert the PDF with -O1 option, the swf is nice and there is no problem with it.
So, is there a solution to fix the problem and to generate good swf ?
Or else, I search for a way to identify the few wrong swf before I load them in my program
(because if I load a wrong swf, it will use too many ressources on the computer of the user of my application)
in order to re-convert the pdf with -O1

The decompressed size of "wrong" swf is heavier than good swf. It's maybe an indicator for identification.
But I don't know how to get the decompressed size of a swf file in actionscipt.

I have 2 examples of one-page PDF wich give me a "bad" swf. Maybe can I send them by email ?
(and the 2 swf generated)


(sorry for my poor english)

Sylvain Deniaud
Ingénieur Etude et Développement RIA

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