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[Swftools-common] Slight typo fix in pdf2swf.c & possible feature reques

From: Ryan Gardner
Subject: [Swftools-common] Slight typo fix in pdf2swf.c & possible feature request
Date: Tue, 25 Mar 2008 10:55:20 -0600

In looking for an argument to pass a default background color, I came across this line in the latest 2008-03-24-2356 version:

line 157:
fprintf(stderr, "-m option requires four arguments, <x1>:<y1>:<x2>:<y2>\n");

should read:

fprintf(stderr, "-c option requires four arguments, <x1>:<y1>:<x2>:<y2>\n");

I also noticed that if I do:

    pdf2swf -T9 -s filename.pdf

it prompts me:

    "Please specify an input file"

but not if i do:

    pdf2swf -s -T9 filename.pdf

These are all minor issues and if they were never fixed, it wouldn't bother me. (the -m and -c options aren't in the menu of options from --help, so that issue probably wont matter)

How hard would it be to set a flag that we could specify to pdf2swf that would tell it to not output rendered versions of form fields? Things like checkboxes or buttons that say "print form"... etc - It does render them correctly, but for my use case I am recreating the interactive elements inside of flex so my workflow now involves me going into acrobat pro, deleting all the form fields, and then saving that pdf out and running it through pdf2swf - but if I could just have pdf2swf ignore the form fields, that would be great. If you pointed me to where I would put it in place, I could help with that.


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