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[Swftools-common] Regarding progress on the debian package...

From: Kevin Veroneau
Subject: [Swftools-common] Regarding progress on the debian package...
Date: Fri, 16 Jun 2006 02:15:10 -0500

SWFTOOLS MailingList,

  Hello all again, sorry I haven't been very active on this mailinglist for a 
little while now.

    Upon chatting in Xchat on FreeNode in #debian, I was talking about swftools 
and debian. I've read the report on it at this URL: 

    Is there a chance that Matthias could possibly give a small hand in this 
matter. The report speaks about LAME and it's legal issues in Debian.

    What I would suggest then, is instead of adding swftools into the offical 
debian pool, why not add it to the swftools.org website as a pre-compiled 
binary package, with the approval of Matthias of course.

    Also if anyone wishes to supply binary packages, I will host these packages 
on my webserver. Thus people visiting swftools.org that wish to use this 
wonderful application, even though they wish not to compile it. The binary 
package form will at least be available.

    The biggest issue that I've seen on this mailinglist so far, are mainly 
compilation problems and questions.

    If Matthias could get back to me on this, and whoever else is willing to 
create a binary package for their distribution of choice(including Windows and 
MacOS X), I will glady host their packages on my server, unless Matthias wants 
to host it there. But mirroring will be a plus.


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    Kevin Veroneau
    "I live in total freedom, I live in a world without Gates and Windows. How 
about you?"

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