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[Swftools-common] probably bug?

From: Andy Djagel
Subject: [Swftools-common] probably bug?
Date: Fri, 2 Sep 2005 13:02:28 +0300

Hello all!

I wrote small program what adds subtitles to swf files.
Program generate this script:

.flash bbox=800x600 fps=12 version=6 name="Y:\_CobaltD\Flash\1.swf" compress
.swf mymovie "Y:\_CobaltD\Flash\Zoeken.swf"
.font Tahoma "D:\Work\swf\bin\Debug\res\Tahoma.ttf"
.text txt0 text="Test title" font="Tahoma" color="blue"
.font Verdana "D:\Work\swf\bin\Debug\res\Verdana.ttf"
.text txt1 text="fdfsdfsdfd" font="Verdana" color="#8000ff"
.frame 1
.put mymovie
.frame 15
.put txt0 x=400 y=450 alpha=90%
.frame 30
.del txt0
.frame 56
.put txt1 x=400 y=450 alpha=67%
.frame 99
.del txt1
.frame 350

during compile swfc return:

> swfc script.sc
> D:\Work\swfin\Debug
> es\Tahoma.ttf: Invalid argument
> D:\Work\swfin\Debug
> es\Verdana.ttf: Invalid argument
> "script.sc", line 3 column 14: warning- Couldn't open font file 
> "D:\Work\swfin\Debug
> es\Tahoma.ttf"
> "script.sc", line 5 column 15: warning- Couldn't open font file 
> "D:\Work\swfin\Debug
> es\Verdana.ttf"

Slash+symbol converts to some special symbol. But there's no such
characteers in path to resource. Is that bug or a feature? :)
Does somebody know, how to elminate it?
Is it possible to correct right path recognizing in Windows?

Thanks in advance.

Regards, Andy.

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