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RE: [Swftools-common] Bad size with cropped PDF in pdf2swf

From: Philippe Maurer
Subject: RE: [Swftools-common] Bad size with cropped PDF in pdf2swf
Date: Sun, 27 Feb 2005 10:35:44 +0100

Hi Matthias,

You mean that the resulted swf keeps the real size and offset info I its
structure and not the cropped size?

The problem I have is that this page may be recombined with other pages that
have the same cropped size. As this one is larger the recombined result
becomes wrong.

Let me know if you consider this as a small bug. I will try to figure out
how to add the offset information in my scripts.


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Hi Philippe Maurer

On Thu, Feb 24, 2005 at 08:34:25AM +0100, Philippe Maurer wrote:
> The files are online again (sorry about that).

Ok, swfdump reports as size of the SWF:

[HEADER]        Movie width: 585.00 (left offset: 54.00)
[HEADER]        Movie height: 783.00 (top offset: 54.00)

which are the expected values.

What your loaders seems to report is the "real" size, i.e., the
box which encompasses all objects, which you can calculate e.g.
with swfbbox:
    $ swfbbox page.swf
    Real Movie Size: 694.45 x 892.45 :-0.70 :-0.70
You'll probably have to pass the movie size to your loader using
some other means (xml or something).



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