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[STUMP] Alexandria causes name-conflicts

From: Dimitri Minaev
Subject: [STUMP] Alexandria causes name-conflicts
Date: Fri, 20 Jan 2017 15:53:38 +0400


I decided to update my Stump today, but it didn't run with my
.stumpwmrc. It took me some time to find the cause, and it seems to be
that StumpWM's and Alexandria's implementation of 'flatten' function
conflict when you load module 'stumptray'. Whenever I run (load-module
"stumptray"), I get the message:

Error loading /home/dimitri/.stumpwmrc: USE-PACKAGE #<PACKAGE
"ALEXANDRIA.0.DEV"> causes name-conflicts in #<PACKAGE "STUMPWM">
between the following symbols:

I only wonder why it is triggered by 'stumptray'? It doesn't even use flatten.

With best regards,
Dimitri Minaev

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