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Re: [STUMP] Travis CI broken on Github

From: Evan
Subject: Re: [STUMP] Travis CI broken on Github
Date: Tue, 11 Aug 2015 12:47:08 -0500
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Hey David,

Please see issue [217] and PR [218] about this issue. I haven't attempted to 
build this pr
on anything but ccl, so travis will tell us how it fairs shortly. If all goes 
well, this
should solve ccl's build problems.



On 08/11/2015 10:25 AM, David Bjergaard wrote:
> Hi Evan,
> Responses inline:
> Evan <address@hidden> writes:
>> When you say "sbcl always passes" do you mean even when broken code is 
>> committed?
> I mean when sbcl builds successfully if the code is OK. If you commit broken
> code, then sbcl will fail. Conversely clisp and ccl always fail even if the 
> code
> is clearly fine (ie you add a comment and commit it, or change a file that
> doesn't depend on the build)
>> Where is the code for the travis builds kept? Do we have a repo containing 
>> the directives
>> that travis follows?
> As far as I can tell the recipe is stumpwm/.travis.yml  and "" which
> is the main driver of the code.  The latest and greatest is here:
>> With regards to ditching travis if we can't figure out how to get the 
>> ccl/clisp builds to
>> work properly, it seems that we're still better off with one of the 
>> platforms being
>> tested, even if it means you have to investigate every failed travis build. 
>> It's not
>> ideal, and it'd probably be worth it to either cut out or move the ccl/clisp 
>> builds to
>> their own branch while we investigate what's wrong, but ditching travis all 
>> together is
>> probably unnecessary.
> Ok agreed, but I would prefer that we be able to have a "build passing" badge 
> on
> stumpwm's main page so users can at least judge whether or not the master 
> branch
> is safe to use.  
>     David
>> -E
>> On 08/07/2015 03:34 AM, David Bjergaard wrote:
>>> sbcl always passes, while clisp and ccl fail:
>>> ccl:
>>> clisp:
>>> sbcl:
>>>     David
>>> Evan <address@hidden> writes:
>>>> Can you give an example of how the travis builds are broken?
>>>> -E
>>>> On 08/06/2015 03:16 AM, David Bjergaard wrote:
>>>>> Hi,
>>>>> Does anyone know how to fix the travis builds? Its making it really hard 
>>>>> to know
>>>>> if its safe to merge PRs or if I'm not breaking stuff.  If it can't be 
>>>>> fixed, I
>>>>> would prefer that we remove it and go back to the old way (waiting for bug
>>>>> reports :$)
>>>>>     Dave
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