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[STUMP] Using conky with stumpwm

From: Michael Raskin
Subject: [STUMP] Using conky with stumpwm
Date: Sat, 23 Mar 2013 16:11:16 +0400

>Is there a way to tell stumpwm to not use a certain amount of real-estate,
>say on the right
>hand side of the screen.  I am guessing that is what mode-line does and
>something similar like that would be nice.  Then I can have conky show up
>in that area and not have my windows overlap with it.
>Do people have better suggestions/ideas on how to use conky with stumpwm ?
> Do people use it with stumpwm ?   Maybe something else ?

Maybe you want just to make a split on the right side and resize it to 
zero-width and back as needed?

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