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[STUMP] contrib/cpu.lisp not working ?

From: Mehul Sanghvi
Subject: [STUMP] contrib/cpu.lisp not working ?
Date: Sat, 23 Mar 2013 00:36:19 -0400

I used to use stumpwm till a little over a year ago when I got laid off.  I'm back to using stumpwm again, but my old set-up does not seem to work.

OS:  Debian/testing (wheezy)
stumpwm:  0.9.7-80-gb1271a9

Code is downloaded into /usr/local/src/stumpwm and installed under /usr/local.  I am trying to do the following in my ~/.stumpwmrc:

  (set-contrib-dir "/usr/local/src/stumpwm/contrib")

  ;; Load up any modules you need from *date-dir*/contrib/*.lisp
  ;(load-module "cpu")

Doing <prefix>-h v  *contrib-dir*  says the value is #P"/usr/local/src/stumpwm/contrib/"

Trying to run the above will cause stumpwm to go into sbcl debugger.  I forget what the error is.  exactly, it just ends up in the debugger is what I remember.  

Is there something I am missing ? 



Mehul N. Sanghvi
email: address@hidden

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